Enjoy a friendly class where you will learn all the techniques and tips to realize classic french pastries. Each class can welcome up to 5 participants and lasts 2.5 to 3 hours.

Chef Benoît brings all of the utensils and ingredients needed for the recipe and you will be able to enjoy your pastry (or save it for the next day) at the end of the class.

How to book ?

It’s easy! Choose your recipe, select your date and time, invite your friends (up top 5 people) then enjoy your at-home baking experience!


“All Casa Bake experiences are adapted to your level. Whether you are a complete beginner or already know your way around the kitchen, Chef Benoît adapts the class so you can learn fundamentals and enjoy your experience.”

Kids Experiences

Creating memories

Chef Benoît teaches classes to kids from 6 years old. Select recipes have been adapted to offer a fun and shorter experience for little pastry chefs. ⁠Kids can enjoy a friendly 1.5 hours class during which they will learn the basics of French pastry. They will be able to taste their pastry and share with their parents (if anything is left)!

Kid-friendly recipes include: ⁠
– L’éclair au chocolat⁠ for kids
– Le macaron for kids (many flavors to pick from)⁠
– La tarte chocolat caramel⁠ for kids